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Stephanie Damian
Matt Deines
  • Matt Deines
  • Principal Physical Planner
  • 949-824-4929
  • Matt provides guidance on the physical form of campus including the built environment, open space initiatives including the Naturescape program, sustainable landscaping, and our urban forest. With over a decade of experience in the UC system Matt provides leadership in campus and UC-wide climate action planning.
Lindsey Hashimoto
  • Lindsey Hashimoto
  • Principal Environmental Planner
  • 949-824-8692
  • Lindsey is responsible for project compliance with federal and state environmental regulatory statutes, including the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). She leads the preparation of environmental documentation and analyses, and interfaces with off-campus stakeholders regarding UCI's Capital Program.
R. Umashankar (Uma)
  • R. Umashankar (Uma)
  • Executive Director
  • 949-824-1826
  • As the lead for the Campus Planning & Sustainability team, Uma makes it a priority to have an integrated approach that ties the team's three primary areas of focus. He brings to his position well over twenty years of higher education planning and design across both private consulting, and with the University of California.

2023-24 Fellows and Interns

Angelu Lesaca
  • Angelu Lesaca
  • Fellow
  • Angelu Lesaca is an undergraduate student and researcher at the University of California, Irvine, where she's pursuing Environmental Science and Policy, complemented by a minor in Earth and Atmospheric Science. When she's not immersed in her studies, she explores the scenic trails of Southern California and identifies local plant life.

    As a dedicated advocate for campus climate resilience, she actively supports ongoing efforts to advance this cause. She plays a pivotal role in organizing outreach events and activities on campus to involve everyone in the mission of enhancing campus climate resilience. Additionally, she contributes to the completion of UCI's vulnerability assessment, where she helps identify and prioritize adaptation strategies and solutions. Angelu's commitment extends to the integration of diversity, equity, and justice (DEIJ) into the climate resilience planning framework, fostering an inclusive and equitable approach. This includes collaboration with other UC campuses and UCI Health Climate Action Fellows, creating a collaborative and united front in the pursuit of climate resilience.

Jazmín Romero
  • Jazmín Romero
  • Fellow
  • Jazmín is a third-year undergraduate Environmental Science & Policy major and Global Sustainability minor. As a curious scientist-in-the-making, their fascination has endured for scientific principles that hover over our environment. Jazmín’s strong passion lies in the field of soil science, where their research experience involves the integration of field observations and geochemical analyses to investigate the influence of climate and anthropogenic activities on carbon cycling and storage within terrestrial ecosystems, as well as their connections to air pollution and global carbon cycle. As the Decarbonization Fellow for the 2023-2024 academic year, Jazmín will be tackling projects focusing on UCI’s Central Plant, on-campus housing, sustainable transportation, and scope 3 (commuting) emissions. Jazmín's dedication to decarbonization is beyond imagination, as they strive to foster awareness and collaboration within the university community, paving the way for a sustainable and eco-conscious future.