New Year’s Sustainability Resolutions

UCI Staff Set Goals to Further Sustainability in the New Year

By Kelly Perymon, Carbon Neutrality Initiative Climate Action Fellow | January 13, 2021

Starting a new year is the perfect time to reflect on priorities and resolve to make positive change. Establishing goals to reduce our environmental impact on the planet is important to furthering sustainable practices in our communities. UCI staff representing several campus departments have contributed their goals for the new year. Their goals encompass many aspects of sustainability, covering topics from single-use plastics, to plant-based meals, to sustainable procurement, and environmental justice. We welcome you to consider which goals you can incorporate into your daily life or advocate for in your workplace.

What sustainability resolutions are UCI staff inspired to implement in 2021?

“My sustainability goal for 2021 is to reduce my carbon footprint by eating 100% plant-based, vegan lunches and dinners during the work-week made from ingredients that are locally sourced."

- Dyan Hall, Engagement & Wellness Specialist, UCI Wellness

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healthy meals

“One of my personal sustainability goals for the year is to increase my awareness of the Indigenous communities that shape(d) and steward(ed) lands I occupy, particularly when I am camping and hiking. I plan to turn that awareness into action by supporting Indigenous communities’ movements for environmental justice.”

- Udara Abeysekera, Program Coordinator, Sustainability Resource Center

Related resources: See Native Land CA and visit websites of the Tribes/Nations listed to learn more about the land that you occupy. Additionally, As Long as Grass Grows by Dina Gilio-Whitaker is a book that outlines Indigenous lead movements around sustainability and environmental justice.

“My 2021 sustainability resolution is to raise campus awareness of the UCOP single-use plastic policy. Our UCI community embraces reduction of global warming through waste minimization and I want to ensure they have the tools to make that positive impact.”

- Anne Krieghoff, Facilities Management, Sustainability Program Manager

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“To reduce single-use items including paper products such as towels, napkins, coffee filters and single-use plastic products when traveling such as cutlery, straws, and cups.”

- Matthew Deines, Senior Planner, Campus Physical & Environmental Planning

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“We aim to transform the University into a healthy, thriving, sustainable community that contributes positive social, economic, and environmental benefits. Our goal is to build and operate a campus that contributes to the well-being of every member of our community—and ultimately to the health of the planet as we welcome more vendors with eco-conscious products and services.”

- Lily Zaprianoff, Procurement Assistant and Sustainability Coordinator, UCI Procurement Services

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Thank you to all participants for submitting their resolutions. It is inspiring to hear such comprehensive and thoughtful goals that show a bright future for sustainable actions at UCI and in the surrounding communities. We look forward to working together to further collective sustainability efforts on campus and creating a greener planet in the new year.